Travel Lettering - Second Series

A second pass at a travel lettering series from my past trip to the lovely, unreal, one happy island of Aruba. It was a hard return to reality following this vacation. But the more I explore these travel lettering things, the more I REALLY enjoy doing them.

I've been debating on playing with a language lettering series -- where I learn & letter a new italian word or phrase in preparation for my inevitable return trip to Italy (hopefully 2016). Stay tuned -- that may be up next when I get some downtime. LOL - "Downtime". What is that?

photo 3.JPG
photo 5.JPG


I've started doing this new thing; #20MinuteLettering. I aimed to do it every morning before getting ready for work - but it's turned into my after work exercise. Happy Saturday though - I actually did today's sketch before 5 pm! (That counts as morning, right?)

So the idea is just for me to practice - I found that repetition is one of the best ways for me to improve with things like this. If forces me to keep my hand active, think about composition and execution prior to even starting so I can use that 20 minutes to just focus on doing.


I've found so far that I can easily get frustrated. Immediately after my timer goes off, I start critiquing. That line is too thick, the curves not straight, too many flourishes, not balanced. But then I have to remind myself - this is practice, an exercise, and I will do better next time.

If anyone out there wants to join me - hash tag your sketches with #20MinuteLettering and we can support each other! Let's make this a thing. Because it's fun, and lately it's becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.

To see more sketches, you can follow me on instagram; @brittanyarita