Updates & Things

Been a quite a while since I've posted here. Lots to catch up on.


First. I'm participating in the #The100DayProject. My project is called #100DaysOfTruth.
Still not really sure what that means, but I'm lettering my "daily truths" over on my instagram. So give that a follow if you're interested/want to see more.


Secondly, I attended the Eventiques flea market last weekend. The lovely & talented Beth (of BMc Vintage Design) - who collects beautiful vintage and antique china sets, along with her own up cycled line of antique silver plate -  let me take up residence at her booth on Saturday, sharing my lettering and my mother's  handmade flowers. It was my first booth experience, and very cool. Met some potential leads and got me more inspired than ever to continue persuing hand lettering in a more commercial market. 


photo 3.JPG

Thirdly, Olive Natural Beauty just recently launched their brand new facial care line. AND are featured again in this month's Ipsy glam bag. Had the pleasure of working on the packaging for this line and so pumped about it.

Fourth-ly (and lastly?) my boyfriend just started streaming on Twitch. So obviously I did his channel & social media branding. (facebook, twitter) - so if you're into indie games and stuff, go check it out!