My eyes are always bigger than my bookshelf.

I have a problem with falling in love with book covers.

I can't go into a bookstore without visiting the design/art/type/calligraphy section & picking up an armful of books. Then getting overwhelmed with excitement at all the gems I just found. Imagining how inspiring & influential they'll be. Then having an inner struggle of what to purchase, rationalizing the amount I'm about to drop. Then putting some back. Picking more up. Putting more back. Finding a surface somewhere to spread them out, debating their worth. Comparing their table of contents. Then finally deciding on one.
No, two. Eh, maybe just one.
Alright, three.
And this magazine.

Only for this armful of hypothetically inspiring & influential literature to get shelved.
Squeezed somewhere in between Kafka & Donald Hall. Collecting dust next to my bright, crease-covered copy of the perks of being a wallflower. Getting jealous of its dog-eared, finger-printed, underlined bits of content. The kind I turn to comfort for.

So, I just went on another book binge today. And I'd been so good for so long.
But my boyfriend wanted to stop into Barnes & Nobel.
Obviously, I had no self control.

It's not so much the fact that I'm spending all this money; it's education, an investment in myself as a designer, at the least, a tax right off. It's not that I only have one bookshelf; I re-prioritize every time I make new purchases, I have closet space, I have boxes.

It's the fact that I don't make time to finish reading them.
I'm half way through six books. It's a problem.

I immediately felt this weird guilt on my drive home.
Like, why am I buying these books? When am I gonna read them?
Somewhere in between getting home from work & starting freelance ?
Before or after I do the grocery shopping, the dishes, laundry, cleaning?

Well. Let's be honest.
Maybe somewhere between late night netlix marathons, the hour long bath I convince myself I deserve, and my facebook, twitter, instagram & email obsessions - I could probably make the time. #prioritizing.

So as I was working tonight I had this 'brilliant' idea - accountability.
If I set up a goal for myself - one book a week, I could probably knock out a ton of these books, and get into the habit of actually finishing them. Setting aside a chunk of time each day, & extra blocks on the weekends - even I could do that. The accountability comes in here - I'll be posting a 'review/what-I-learned/good quotes/insights' post after each book I finish. I'm going to be starting with the half-way read ones, and working my way up to the untouched.

Here's my first 10;

1.) Just My TypeSimon Garfield
So I'm actually a little more than 3/4 done. I've been going back and re-reading sections that I 'read' while I was basically asleep, forcing myself to take twice as long with it. And then I got distracted by pretty books. So, after this post, that's what I'll be doing.

2.) Designing For Emotion | Aaron Walter
Half way through this one. There's literally no excuse why it's not done yet.
It's a great read so far & less than 100 pages.Plus, I loved 'Design is a Job'.

3.) Responsive Web Design | Ethan Marcotte
Since #2 is so short, I'll be reading it with this one, #4 & #5 in the same week.
They're all part of "A Book Apart".

4.) Mobile First | Luke Wroblewski

5.) Just Enough Research | Erika Hall

6.) How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer | Debbie Millman
I've read almost all of this. But I started listening to every episode of Design Matters and kind of thought; well that counts.

7.) How to Be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul | Adrian Shaughnessy
I started in college. Picked it up again last summer. I think my last excuse was I was reading it outside at the park and I got too hot to concentrate.

8.) Kern and Burn | Tim Hoover & Jessica Karle Heltzel

9.) Lettering & Type | Bruce Willen & Nolen Strals

10.) All But My life | Gerda Weissmann Klein
So, not a graphic design related book. But to add a little diversity to my roster (since I have a crap ton of other poetry & novels on my to-read list) I thought this would make for an interesting review. I watched the HBO documentary 'One Survivor Remembers' and it was heart wrenching. I cried like a baby. When I'm having a shitty day, I think of her Academy Award acceptance speech and it puts things into perspective.

So, this was a really long post.
And now that it's 2:00 a.m. - I'm gonna do some reading.

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