New Work

A few things that have been in the works the past couple months;

Here's the finished product of a lettering commission I was/am super pumped about. For a fellow Lancaster native, who was looking for a piece to remind her of home. She came to me with the concept of the towns/cities creating the shape of New Hampshire - and left the lettering style, color, etc. up to me. Being born & raised in New Hampshire, this was a lot of fun to work on.

I chose four over all lettering styles to work with in. Leaving the most decorative style for the towns/cities that were most important to her. We decided to work in an autumn pallet - as a reminder of the unrivaled fall foliage of the White Mountains.

13 X 19" | pen & ink, watercolor

Also been working with non-profit SheJumps for quiet a while now. And there always seems to be something inspiring to work on. They recently launched a social media campaign called #IAmSJ, inviting women & girls to share how they embody the SheJumps mission. So far, it's been really sweet to see how the community has embraced it and shared their stories, successes & inspiration.

Founder of SheJumps, Lynsey Dyer launched a kickstarter at the very beginning of this year to help fund an all womens ski film.  After almost doubling the goal, she and a bunch of amazing women created Pretty Faces. It screened in Hadley, MA this past Thursday, and I was pumped to be able to see it. Not gonna lie, I got goose bumps a few times. Maybe even a little teary eyed.