Updates & Things

Been a quite a while since I've posted here. Lots to catch up on.


First. I'm participating in the #The100DayProject. My project is called #100DaysOfTruth.
Still not really sure what that means, but I'm lettering my "daily truths" over on my instagram. So give that a follow if you're interested/want to see more.


Secondly, I attended the Eventiques flea market last weekend. The lovely & talented Beth (of BMc Vintage Design) - who collects beautiful vintage and antique china sets, along with her own up cycled line of antique silver plate -  let me take up residence at her booth on Saturday, sharing my lettering and my mother's  handmade flowers. It was my first booth experience, and very cool. Met some potential leads and got me more inspired than ever to continue persuing hand lettering in a more commercial market. 


photo 3.JPG

Thirdly, Olive Natural Beauty just recently launched their brand new facial care line. AND are featured again in this month's Ipsy glam bag. Had the pleasure of working on the packaging for this line and so pumped about it.

Fourth-ly (and lastly?) my boyfriend just started streaming on Twitch. So obviously I did his channel & social media branding. (facebook, twitter) - so if you're into indie games and stuff, go check it out!


New Work

Pretty exciting-- a sign I designed on behalf of the Whately Elementary School PTO has officially been produced & installed! We began the process over a year ago, so it's very exciting to see the final piece!

New Work

A few things that have been in the works the past couple months;

Here's the finished product of a lettering commission I was/am super pumped about. For a fellow Lancaster native, who was looking for a piece to remind her of home. She came to me with the concept of the towns/cities creating the shape of New Hampshire - and left the lettering style, color, etc. up to me. Being born & raised in New Hampshire, this was a lot of fun to work on.

I chose four over all lettering styles to work with in. Leaving the most decorative style for the towns/cities that were most important to her. We decided to work in an autumn pallet - as a reminder of the unrivaled fall foliage of the White Mountains.

13 X 19" | pen & ink, watercolor

Also been working with non-profit SheJumps for quiet a while now. And there always seems to be something inspiring to work on. They recently launched a social media campaign called #IAmSJ, inviting women & girls to share how they embody the SheJumps mission. So far, it's been really sweet to see how the community has embraced it and shared their stories, successes & inspiration.

Founder of SheJumps, Lynsey Dyer launched a kickstarter at the very beginning of this year to help fund an all womens ski film.  After almost doubling the goal, she and a bunch of amazing women created Pretty Faces. It screened in Hadley, MA this past Thursday, and I was pumped to be able to see it. Not gonna lie, I got goose bumps a few times. Maybe even a little teary eyed.



Travel Lettering - Second Series

A second pass at a travel lettering series from my past trip to the lovely, unreal, one happy island of Aruba. It was a hard return to reality following this vacation. But the more I explore these travel lettering things, the more I REALLY enjoy doing them.

I've been debating on playing with a language lettering series -- where I learn & letter a new italian word or phrase in preparation for my inevitable return trip to Italy (hopefully 2016). Stay tuned -- that may be up next when I get some downtime. LOL - "Downtime". What is that?

photo 3.JPG
photo 5.JPG


My behance is significantly less daunting to update, so I'm slowly adding new projects there.
So to see a few recent projects (not shown on this site yet), check out my behance portfolio page here.

That is all.