SheJumps mission is to increase female participation in outdoor activities. They are  a non-profit organization made  of multiple chapters throughout the United States, partnering with national sponsors like RAMP and SoulPoles to bring awesome, educational and empowering events to women of all ages across the country. This organization is a constant source of inspiration, not only to me, but thousands of women across the country.

This is just a small selection of some of the work we've done together. From website design to social media campaigns to online advertisements. One of my favorite pieces to date is the #IAmSJ campaign, working closely with the lovely and talented  Rachel Reich,  Digital Media Director at SheJumps, we created an engaging social media campaign to get fellow jumpers to share how they embody the SheJumps mission. My favorite part of this campaign to date was seeing the #IAmSJ postcards filled out by ladies attending the Pretty Faces premiere in Hadley, MA where participants shared a short line or two about themselves and how they are SheJumps.