Fran & Kathy, founders of BakeBox are on a mission; to rid the world of crappy baked goods.

As the owners of The Village Baker in North Carolina, and a third generation baker, Fran & Kathy wanted a way to share their love of baking and passion for quality beyond their reach at local farmers markets. And thus, BakeBox was born; a subscription based product where each month they could share a package full of delicious eats prepared with local in-season ingredients.

While the lead designer at Corporate Renegade, I worked with The Village Baker to create a brand that embodied the nostalgic spirit that inspired them with the modern flair they add to classic (and family) recipes. The brand became a combination of a modern mark with more old-fashioned, sepia toned imagery and a soft, warm palette. Work included logo development, website design, print collateral and various packaging pieces.